AI Use Policy


At Ginny Peterson Copywriting, we are committed to delivering high-quality copywriting services while maintaining transparency and integrity in how we operate. This AI Use Policy outlines our approach to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our projects.

Use of AI Technologies

Purpose: We use AI technologies to enhance our copywriting services, including research, idea generation, drafting, and editing. Our goal is to improve efficiency, creativity, and the overall quality of our work.

Transparency: We believe in being upfront about our use of AI tools. For projects where AI is utilized, we will inform our clients about the extent of its use and how it benefits the project.

Client Consent: Before integrating AI into a project, we will seek explicit consent from our clients. We provide detailed information on what AI usage entails and address any concerns they might have.

Quality Assurance: All AI-generated content is thoroughly reviewed, edited, and fine-tuned by Ginny Peterson Copywriting to ensure it meets our high standards and aligns with the client’s objectives and voice.

Ethical Considerations: We are committed to using AI responsibly. We ensure that the AI tools we use are from reputable sources that adhere to ethical guidelines and respect copyright and data privacy laws.

Data Privacy: Protecting our clients’ privacy and proprietary information is paramount. We ensure that any data shared with AI tools is handled securely and per our privacy policy.

Continuous Learning: The landscape of AI technology is ever-evolving. We commit to staying informed about the latest developments in AI to continuously improve the services we offer to our clients.

Client Rights

Informed Decision-Making: Clients have the right to know how AI will be used in their projects and to make informed decisions about its application.

Opt-Out Option: Clients can choose not to utilize AI tools in their projects. We provide alternative processes to ensure their requirements are met.

Feedback and Adjustments: Client feedback on AI-generated content is invaluable. We welcome suggestions and adjustments to better align with their vision.


At Ginny Peterson Copywriting, we see AI as a powerful tool to complement our expertise in copywriting. By integrating AI responsibly, we aim to deliver enhanced services that meet the dynamic needs of our clients. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency, quality, and ethical practice in all our projects.