Online content copywriting is a unique discipline

online content copywriting certificateWriting for the web is unique. No one understands this better than Nick Usborne who has been writing for the web since 1997. Nick taught the first course I took through AWAI. Although not a course designated for certification, the Digital Copywriting Apprentice work was rigorous, and our online content copywriting projects were submitted for professional review.

In reality, I had been writing for the web since 2002 when I launched my own company. At that time, I created and/or maintained websites only for my marketing clients. In 2015, I began writing website content on a freelance basis for an award-winning creative agency. I have crafted online content for over 35 websites in a wide range of industries. Businesses such as manufacturing start-ups, long-established real estate companies, a leading regional logistics company, and a local hair salon. Regardless of the industry, the process and strategy remain the same. The result is search-engine-optimized website content that captivates, communicates, and converts. If you’re not sure what you need, a Website Content Audit is a good place to start!

Spot online opportunities with a Website Content Audit

A professional website content review uncovers gaps and reveals opportunities for you to bring in more traffic and enjoy more business from key prospects. Using a 21-point ‘industry best content practices’ checklist and other strategic tools, I can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of any website and pinpoint major opportunities to improve results.

Blogs showcase effective online content copywriting

Blogs today look nothing like the original. If you’re a history buff, you might appreciate this succinct timeline of blogging from Notre Dame University. It cites this more detailed version from HubSpot (posted on its blog, of course!). Blogging brought writing online content onto the information highway. These short, topic-specific, search-engine-optimized posts are a dependable vehicle for driving audience traffic to your website.

Digital ads — online content written to generate leads, clicks, and sales

Well-written and search-engine-optimized blog posts and their cousins —  longer-form articles — are key pieces of content marketing. But they are by no means the only types of online content. Digital ads — delivered via online or social media platforms — are short bursts of copy designed to reel in readers, landing them on a piece of online real estate that you “own” — a specific page of your website or a landing page. A landing page is also known as a “squeeze page” because it is squeezed in between the point of origination (your ad) and the final destination (your website). There is both an art and a science to crafting these online content pieces. Properly written and effectively deployed, they will drive traffic to your website.

E-newsletters increase sales, retain customers, build relationships

E-newsletters delivered to your carefully curated mailing list meet your customers where they are most comfortable — in their email inboxes. Use them to inform, inspire, and incentivize your readers. Share tips, testimonials, and timely news items. Where applicable, announce sales, promote events, and create special offers. Using best practices for online content copywriting will increase your open rate, engage your readers, encourage clicks, and have your audience looking forward to your next issue!

Let’s look at some samples of my online content copywriting.

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