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Naples Area Board of REALTORS® Quarterly Magazine

The PDFs linked below contain only the pages of my articles, not the entire magazine. If you’re short on time, skim through the articles to watch the flow of headlines to subheads, all supporting the theme of each article — no two are the same. Or read the short summaries here and pick one or two of special interest.

Winter 2009

  • “Are We There Yet?” — An interview with National Association of REALTORS® Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun on whether or not the Southwest Florida housing market had hit bottom.
  • “NABOR to Host NAR Resort Symposium” — Naples plays host to over 400 attendees of the NAR’s fifth such event focusing on resort and second-home properties.

Spring 2009

  • “Don’t Be Anti-Social!” — An introduction for REALTORS® to the fast-growing world of internet networking and marketing.
  • “What’s New in Naples?” — A look at new, never-lived-in inventory from the area’s most prolific developers.

Summer 2009

  • “Defective Drywall Drama” — Discussion of Chinese drywall: what it does, how to spot it, and the steps local and national legislators and watchdog groups took to bring the curtain down on this poor performer.
  • “Condo Crisis: The Perfect Storm” — How condominium associations and boards were dealing with the massive number of foreclosures on condos resulting from the downturn in the economy and its effects on the real estate market.
  • “Play Ball” — This light-hearted, yet in-depth look at managing a transaction team draws on summer’s favorite sport with baseball allegories.

Fall 2009

  • “ — Your Naples Home, A Click Away” — On October 21, 2009, NABOR launched a beautiful — and powerful — new website. This article espouses the aesthetics of its design and explains the technology that powers it
  • “HVCC — A Fractured Fairy Tale” — What abolishing the FHA Fee Panel did to the “kingdom” of real estate appraising and the myth of the Home Valuation Conduct Code.

Winter 2010

  • “NABOR Global Network: A New Mantra” — Introducing a pilot program focused on educating NABOR members about cultivating international real estate sales.
  • “A Read on the Market” — Revisiting his predictions from Winter 2009 with National Association of REALTORS® Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun.

Spring 2010

  • “Golf Communities: To Be (Bundled) or Not to Be (Bundled) – It’s Not the Only Question” — Discussing the concept of bundled golf communities.

Summer 2010

  • “Powerhouse of Knowledge” — Reviewing the National Association of REALTORS®‘ countrywide Property Resource — a parcel-centric database covering the more than 147,000,000 property parcels in the country.
  • “Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives” — Introducing HAMP, the Home Affordable Mortgage Program
  • “The Perfect Gift” — Guidelines for choosing thank-you gifts for clients and customers.

Fall 2010

  • “All the Home’s a Stage” — How to stage a home for sale.

Winter 2011

  • “Builders Are…Building Again!” — Celebrating the renewal of home construction and the factors that make for a building boom.
  • “Renovations Remain Steady” — How one corner of the real estate market — renovations and remodeling — has remained steady in the face of the ups and downs of the past few years.

Spring 2011

  • “Navigate the ‘Money Maze’” — Exploring available mortgage programs.
  • “Deal Maker, Deal Breaker?” — Appraisals vs. the BPO (Broker Price Opinion) set against a circus backdrop
  • “Plan Now or Pay Later!” — Tax strategies for REALTORS®.

Summer 2011

  • “All-New SunshineMLS Plus” — Showcasing the technology and performance of the newly rebuilt MLS system
  • “Technology for REALTORS®” — Using technology for marketing real estate.

Fall 2011

  • “New Age of Cooperation” — Naples and Fort Myers Boards forge a data-sharing partnership.

Winter 2012

  • “Super-powered Service Available Through Realist®” — Introducing Realist® Next Generation — an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates data from 97 percent of all U.S. real estate transactions from county, municipal, and special tax districts. With tongue-in-cheek references to Superman-like powers.

Spring 2012

  • “Search for Hidden Treasure” — A pirate-themed article espousing what REALTORS® can do to keep their sales afloat in the face of sinking appraisal values driven by the stormy winds of the HVCC (see Fall 2009).
  • “Is Home Path· the Right Path?” — Exploring the pros and cons of FNMA’s new mortgage program.

Summer 2012

  • “A View from the Top” — A report on NABOR’s 2012 Economic Summit featured national, regional, and local economic leaders.
  • “RE BarCamp: The Unconference” — Explaining the framework of a user-generated conference.

Home & Design Magazine

Great Expectations — A neighborhood in transition offers the chance of a lifetime

Balancing Act — Adding comfort and interest to minimalist design

Oasis in the Pines — A luxurious estate designed for comfort and privacy

Revitalized on the Bay — An unprecedented makeover made a world of difference

Visionary Architecture — Patience and planning result in a unique, light-filled design

A Touch of Gold — A design trend with universal appeal makes a valiant comeback

Gulf Coast Sophistication — Light colors, subtle accents, and a touch of whimsy create coastal appeal

Urban Retreat  — Multifacted layers bring a metropolitan vibe to chic, desirable, downtown Naples condo

Palma Sola Modern — Focus on family and natural surroundings drives design

Living Art — Designed to exhibit art, this house itself is a piece of artwork (cover story)

Total Transformation — A home with all the hallmarks of Mediterranean style gets a jaw-dropping renovation

Bayfront Bungalow — A design/build team takes home down to its foundation to reimagine it

Eternal Sunset — The owner takes an active, long-distance role in renovating this condo

Mediterranean Makeover — Custom-colored paint gives an older home a transformative facelift

Lasting Quality — Invisible touches built to last increase this home’s value

Seamless Symmetry — Balancing openness and privacy creates seamless indoor/outdoor living

Trendy Yet Timeless — This home combines current trends with timeless features

Sophisticated Sparkle — Adding the sparkle of sea glass to a high-rise condo