How much does professional copywriting cost?

If you landed here, you may be a potential client serious about needing some copywriting. Perhaps you’re wondering if professional copywriting services will fit within your budget. Or you may be another freelance copywriter checking out the competition, curious about copywriting fees. (Remember the cat?!)

How are my copywriting fees determined?

There are several moving parts that go into setting copywriting fees for a project. Before I give you a price for a copywriting project, we will have discussed your goals for the project, your timeframe (as in “Is this a rush job?”), and the scope of work. Together we will set a limit for revisions and determine the process for submitting them.

These details will all be spelled out in your contract. Yes, I require a signed contract and a non-refundable 50% deposit before any work begins on your project. If you have several projects or need recurring services such as a monthly e-newsletter, a retainer agreement may be the best option for you. In that case, you will be billed one month in advance for the work to be performed.

Do I charge per word?

I do not price my work by word count, although it is reasonable to assume that a 2,000-word article will cost more than a 500-word blog post. Nor do I set project prices on an hourly basis, although I have a rough idea of how long a project will require and I take that into consideration when formulating your project fee.

Having said all that, here are some general price estimates for some popular copywriting projects. Your price may be different, depending on the scope of work.

Article (1,200 — 2,000 words) $1,000
Blog post (300 — 1,000 words) $750 per post
Brochure (trifold) $1,500
Case Study/Customer Success Story $2,000
Consulting (on all things marketing!) $150/hour
Copyediting (your copy, perfected) $150/hour
Digital ad copy $500 per ad
Direct Mail pieces $750 — $5,000+
E-newsletter (via Constant Contact) $800 per issue
News Release $500 — $1,000
Sales Enablement pieces $500 — $3,500
SEO website content $1,000 per page
Website Content Audit (of up to 5 webpages) $2,000

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