Copywriting samples

As you can imagine, with a marketing and public relations career spanning more than two decades, I have had a hand in almost every type of copywriting, either for clients or as spec projects for AWAI courses. I have included several copywriting samples on this website. If you don’t see something that fits your needs, be sure to contact me!

Marketing content samples

From single ads to complete campaigns, marketing copywriting is the foundation of your business. Marketing content includes billboards, direct mail, print, radio, and television advertising. Whether you use one piece or dozens of pieces spread across multiple channels, your marketing content should capture attention, communicate your value, and clearly describe your offer.

Online content samples

Every piece of marketing content you put forth should lead prospects and customers to real estate that you own — whether that is a brick-and-mortar store or office, or an online presence that you can control such as your website. The online copywriting samples I have presented are links to images and PDFs for that very reason — I do not control the electronic asset. Time and circumstances may have caused a change in the original content.

Sales Enablement copywriting samples

The pieces of a Sales Enablement campaign are the bread and butter of any B2B company, whether they offer services or physical goods. The information used to create sales materials is often considered proprietary and confidential by the organizations that own the technologies and processes used in their creation. And the success of those pieces can greatly affect the company’s bottom line. For this reason, and for this purpose, a fictional company with a fictional product was used to create the campaign for which I have provided Sales Enablement copywriting samples.

Storytelling samples

Do you need a complicated concept or technology explained in “layman’s terms”? I can strike the balance you need between rock-solid fact and light-hearted fiction, engaging your prospects and customers with your product, service, or mission. It’s called storytelling. Let me tell yours.