Online content samples


Telling a company story on a website

Working with leading website design and development companies, I have provided search-engine-optimized content for more than 35 websites for a variety of industries. The process remains the same. After a discovery call with the client, a preliminary site map is drawn up to outline the number of pages, their subject matter, and navigational links. If there is a current website, we discuss what does and does not work on it. Sometimes the current content simply needs to be reworked and reorganized, sometimes all new copy is needed. A Website Content Audit would be a good place to start. Here’s one I conducted for a local pet food and supply store. And this one was for a local plumbing service.

Your website needs to tell your story, emphasizing what’s important to YOU. Such was the case with Fireservice Emergency Disaster Response. The founding couple grew their business by staying true to the heart of it. From bugs to butchers, aviation to wire manufacturers, every business needs to own a piece of digital real estate. Speaking of real estate, we all know that adage that location is everything. If you’re a real estate salesperson or a brokerage, location-specific keywords are critical to your online rankings. Make sure you show up with well-written SEO content!


Blogging benefits your business in a couple of ways. Short, easy-to-read posts chock-full of usable information establish you as an authority in your industry and endear you to your readers. Who doesn’t want to do business with a knowledgeable, experienced, authentic person and their company? Properly optimized and well-written, these digital nuggets will boost your rankings in search engine results, often ranking higher than your home page.

Who should blog?

Everybody! Here are a couple of posts I wrote for a builder who specializes in outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, etc. One addresses the health benefits of grilling and the other discusses how adding an outdoor kitchen can raise your home’s appraised value. Tradesmen enjoy a great opportunity to build trust with a public seeking solutions to common household problems like how to unclog their drains or answers to questions like “Why should I have an air conditioning service contract?” Professional service providers like architects can do more than just showcase their projects. Here I gave tips on getting building permits, and here on how to choose a commercial architect.

Digital Ads

When combined with corresponding landing pages, AKA “squeeze pages,” well-researched and carefully crafted digital ads can be a real boost to your online marketing. The example shown is part of a series of ads designed to highlight the surgeon’s specialties of hip and knee replacements, both inpatient and outpatient.  Notice the link I highlighted in red. It is known as a site link. It sends the reader to a specific webpage built and written to emphasize hip replacement.


With over 120 issues published since 2011, the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics newsletter enjoys a lifetime average open rate of 44%, 7% higher than the industry average. Likewise does the Seaside Surgery Center newsletter, with 83 issues published since 2015. Both newsletters are intended as instruments for relationship-building. They focus on educational articles and human interest news from the office. But the possibilities for your business are endless with a wide variety of templates and a talented copywriter available!

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